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The Team teachable
Minimalistic retro-styled of the classic arcade shoot'em ups. Remake of my old flash game.
September 2020
Sunny Side Up Egg
Crack it, fry it, eat it! Once I ate sunny side up eggs every morning for two months and decided to make game about it.
April 2020
Atmospheric. Minimalistic. Challenging. In this game you will find souls on the levels and will bring them to the portal.
January 2020
Alexander Feoktistov
Indie game developer
I started my way into gamedev via Macromedia Flash. I was 12 and created small cartoons. Then I learned how to program and started making games. At 15 I sold my first project. Since this time my hobby has become my job.

Today I'm 26 years old developer from Moscow, Russia. I really love to create games and hope you will love what I do. Cheers!
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