Telegram bot for creating round videos
Thanks to @RoundNoteBot you can post any video to your channel as a round video note!
What's so great about Roundy?
It is important to create a user-friendly product, so from the very beginning roundy began to do what no other bot can still do
Upload any video
You don't need to prepare the video file in advance, you don't need to trim it to the minute, make it square, or set a certain resolution. Rundi will shake, trim, and give you the coolest, coolest video possible!
Publishing to channels on your behalf
In Telegram, you can't forward a message with a spoofing sender, but through the bot you can post round videos to the channel on behalf of the channel as if you had just recorded them yourself.
The video is over a minute long
Yes, the bot can publish a video longer than a minute, unlike a human.
Speed of operation
Video processing is hard, so the rounds are located on expensive servers, so you get the finished video very quickly!
Convenient to use
This is not my first or last product. In my services I always strive to give maximum simplicity and usefulness. No complicated commands, just convenient menus and quick start of the video creation process from any state.
Convenient payment
No transfers to the card, no e-mail confirmation - everything is automatic. I save your time and mine.
If you have questions, feel free to write @nrjwolfHelp
How it works
Add a channel
To publish the finished video to the channel on behalf of the channel, you will need to add a bot to the channel as an administrator with publishing privileges. In the main menu you will find the add channel function - follow its instructions
Send the bot a video
The bot will trim the video as needed, make it square, squeeze it to the right size and try not to cut the length of it. There is a limit on video size in Telegram, so videos that are too long may be cut off.
Publish to the channel
In response, the bot will send you a circular video with a publish button to your channel. Click it and make your subscribers happy!


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