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Can I send a roundy without a signature to the channel?

Yes, you need to add your channel in the main menu. If your channel is added, there will be a button to publish to the channel after creating the mug.

Still have a signature, what should I do?

You have to turn off the message signature in the channel settings.

Can I send videos to private messages without a signature?

Yes, to do so:
  • Open chat with the bot and select the message. Click and hold on it and then select "Forward";
  • Select the contact you want to send the message to;
  • Before sending, click on the forwarded message in the chat with the new contact and hold until the drop-down menu appears;
  • Select "Hide the sender's name" and confirm sending.

How to add or delete a channel?

In the main menu, press the "Add channel" button, then press the "Select channel" button at the bottom. In the list that appears there will be channels in which you are an administrator and can post messages. Select the desired channel and confirm adding. After that, the bot will send you a message about adding the channel and update the list of available channels.

To delete a channel, just go to that channel's settings and unban the bot from admins. The bot will then send you a message to remove it from the channel.

My video got cut off by the timing, why?

Telegram has a limit of 8 mb for circular videos. Bot accepts video files up to 20 mb and compresses them further to be able to send. In this case it is possible to lose part of the video.
If you reduce the length of your video, the bot will warn you of this and send an additional mug in a more compressed format for free.

I have a problem with payment.

Write to me in Telegram @nrjwolfHelp, describe the situation, attach screenshots.

I noticed an error in translation || I want to help with the translation

I will be glad for your help, Telegram @nrjwolfHelp

Still have questions?

If you can not find an answer to your question, type to me in Telegram @nrjwolfHelp

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